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you know what’s really fucking cool about quidditch?

there arent separate teams for different genders

wizards don’t give a shit what your gender is as long as you can hold your own on the pitch

muggle sports should take note

Anonymous asked: that's not a friend worth having in any case. hope you don't worry about it too much! you're amazing <3

I don’t know who you are but thank you so much for this, you beautiful person. It’s really nice to get a message as lovely as this❤️ (million virtual hugs)

as for the persons the text post as referring to, I’m not going to be seeing them anymore pretty soon so maybe that’s a good thing? I tend to forgive and ignore a lot of times so I guess this is going to be one of those times. Still though, thanks for making me smile today with your message. :)

Second time for the day someone who’s my “friend” has blown up at me today…it’s probably my fault but I’m no longer interested enough to care.

And to think he had loved her all along
True love is Nigel and CC.

Hua Mulan 2009


This is a movie you need to watch.
I would have never thought I’d love a war movie but here it is.
I need a couple of months to get over this. My emotions are a mess.

"You’re not Will"


Hi, Cassie! So, it has been more than a year since the release of CP2 and I still didn’t get over it. I feel both happy and depressed when I think about this series. And I know that we will still see the characters in TLH, but it will not be the same, because it will be in their children points of view. So, I was wondering… you have written many extra scenes for TMI, and scenes from different characters POVs (like Jace’s, when it was Clary’s POV in the book). Are you planning on sharing with us any more scenes like that from TID? I wouldn’t mind at all a POV of Jem’s, specially that scene from the CP2 epilogue ♥ Thank you so much, and I’m super excited for CoHF and your coming to Brazil! — fairchild-gray-fray

I’ve never written the scene on the bridge from Jem’s point of view because Jem knows way too much about what happens in City of Heavenly Fire. It would, bizarrely, be spoilery for TMI. So maybe TMI is done; we’ll see. 

If you want to read Jem’s POV on the bedroom scene with Tessa in Clockwork Prince, though, I wrote that. It’s called An Offering of Moonlight. I’ll paste it in, though many of you may have read it before — it’s not new. Under the cut, from the chapter “Fierce Midnight” in CP. There’s also “Burning Bright" which is Jem’s perspective on meeting Tessa for the first time.*

*And now  I noticed the first thing Jem ever says to Tessa is “You’re not Will.” Huh.

** Ooh, Cassandra Jean gave me a Jessa scrap the other day. Now I get to use my scrap!

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My reasons are my own…

I&#8217;m no Zac Efron hater but I don&#8217;t get how he manages to win in a category that has both a shirtless Chris Hemsworth and shirtless Sam Claflin with sugar cube in hand. I mean, he&#8217;s cute but Hemsworth AND Claflin! 
It just doesn&#8217;t make sense to me.

I’m no Zac Efron hater but I don’t get how he manages to win in a category that has both a shirtless Chris Hemsworth and shirtless Sam Claflin with sugar cube in hand. I mean, he’s cute but Hemsworth AND Claflin!
It just doesn’t make sense to me.

How am I supposed to trust a man who no longer believes in love.
I  s t i l l   d o .